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T-231 Days: Ocean Survival, Meeting a Prime Minister & Rowing on Roofs...

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Picture: All four Enginoars reunited in Bergen for the first time since deciding to take on the Atlantic Challenge.


Ocean Survival:

The team were at SeaSports SW, Teignmouth where they successfully completed their Mandatory Ocean training courses along with some of the competition - Status Code 14! Working together as one TWAC2022 team, they spent an intense week studying the essentials in VHF radio, Navigation and First aid - all tailored to the reality of being on a narrow 8m rowing boat. Hours were spent covering mayday’s, life rafts and surviving when stranded at sea - some fascinating skills to have learnt - and hopefully to never be used.


Physical Preparation:

Rowing for 2 hours on 2 hours off for up to forty days will be immensely stressful on their bodies - hand and bum sores only scratching the surface… That’s why the team visited My Vital Metrics, London, spending the day learning the exact breakdown of how their bodies perform during prolonged periods of exercise and how they can optimise their training moving forward. They measured oxygen consumption, heart rate zones, bone, muscle, and fat composition - no stone will be left unturned.


Meeting the Norwegian Prime minister:

Simen had the great pleasure of meeting with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. The pair discussed Simen’s fascinating work with Clara Venture labs on “regenerative fuel cell systems ♻️” followed by a mandatory explanation of how he is preparing to row an ocean - fist bumps were shared 🤜


Meet our new Sponsors!

New Entry Partner - Rowing on Roofs :

We had a great time with our new sponsors - PSW Power & Automation.

Simen and Thor spent the day learning about their fascinating renewable energy projects and squeezed in a quick ERG session on their solar panel covered roof - endless Watts produced!

Check out their video below!



For over 175 years, IMechE has been working to improve the world through engineering

📚 Developing Engineers

📣 Promoting Engineering

💬 Informing opinion

💡Encouraging innovation

As a team of Engineers backed up by a support team of Engineers and partnered with Engineers without Borders UK and Norway, we couldn’t be happier with this partnership and the opportunity to share our journey. We've got some very exciting plans coming up with IMechE that we can't wait to share!!


Message in a bottle🍾


Is the Beagle Channel in Patagonia heaven on earth? Most likely! A fjord full of amazing wildlife, glaciers, and mountains tall enough to give a humble Norwegian homesickness.

A truly unique place I want to go back to, maybe we can row it one day 😉

Next stop Chile!



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