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Before we row an ocean, we need to get to the startline.  Take a look at some of our amazing sponsors below

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Imperial College London
One of the world's top universities for scientific adventure and discovery - they inspire and teach millions of students and professionals to become leaders in their fields and to tackle the world's toughest problems. They drive engineering, health tech, AI and of particular relevance to us - global sustainability. With specialised research stemming from the Grantham Institute and Transition to Zero Pollution (TZP) they are building the vision to a sustainable pollution-free future.

As a team, we have felt their influence through media and now through their support of our Ocean Row - here’s a look at some of the initiatives we’ve been working on together - taking scientific adventure outside the lab:

Communications advise 📣
Learning from experts at the Grantham institute on how we can best communicate the impact of pollution and the initiatives being used to tackle it.

Training 🏋️
Enginoar Rufus Mitchell-Heggs, a computational neuroscientist working in the department of Bioengineering at Imperial has been on a special programme organised by Move Imperial for the past 6 months, enabling him to optimize his preparation for the crossing.

Biosensors 🩸
Working closely with OG Carbon LTD an Imperial biosensor spin-out, the team will over the duration of their crossing be measuring their blood haemoglobin using a novel low-waste technology. (More on this soon)

Drone photography 📸
Working closely with the department of aeronautical robotics, the team will aim to capture the richness of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s ever-changing environment and it’s wildlife. 



As a company, they have played a pivotal role in mentoring and inspiring our very own Enginoar – Rufus Mitchell-Heggs


From his time working there, Rufus had the following to say – “There are not many companies that can combine the fulfilment of working on impactful healthcare projects and the adventure of exploring mountains, lakes and cities with a spirited team – there is no doubt that EXIN helped define me as a person and is at least partially responsible for crafting the mindset that led to my enrolment in this Atlantic campaign”.


As a company, they support some of the biggest bio-pharmaceutical companies in successfully preparing, launching, and commercializing their products, with two vibrant offices in London and Zurich.


We are very happy to be partnered with such an impactful and adventurous company!


For over 175 years, IMechE has been at the heart of improving the world through engineering. With over 115,000 members in 140 countries, they have been pushing STEM education and sustainability through the following channels:

IMechE Strategic Objectives:
📚 Developing Engineers
📣 Promoting Engineering
💬 Informing opinion
💡Encouraging innovation

As a team of Engineers backed up by a support team of Engineers and partnered with Engineers Without Borders UK & Ingeniører Uten Grenser Norge / Engineers Without Borders Norway we couldn’t be happier with this partnership and the opportunity to share our journey.


Atlantis are leading the way to 100% sustainable headwear.  As the Enginoars official hat sponsor, we could not be happier to have partnered with this fantastic brand. Not only do they make great hats, but the whole Atlantis collection is set to be produced within a sustainable mindset, by using certified materials and production processes with a lower impact on our environment by 2025.  They rely on the use of sustainable materials such as Organic cotton, Recyled Polyester Polyana and Dope Dyeing.

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Alv is a young IT consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. Their range of expertise spans across software development, project management, data & analytics and cyber security. As a company they are highly focused on building a vibrant culture where people excel and thrive together. To learn more, visit!

We are very happy to be partnered with such an amazing company and can’t wait to share our experiences with you!



PSW Power & Automation is a real example of how a company can adapt to the changing market and take a leading role towards sustainable solutions.

Check out this video to learn of their exciting activities around shipping, solar panels and hydrogen power.

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Viking life-saving equipment

Viking life-saving equipment is a world leading provider of safety equipment at sea. Their experience and amazing products will help us get through tough situations and make sure we get the the other side of the atlantic in one piece.

Design studio askøy

Design studio askøy is a wrapping studio located at Askøy outside of Bergen. They're specialists at car-wrapping, boat-wrapping and signs. They've been a massive help in getting our boat wrapped with sponsor-logos and design. 

Clara Venture Labs

Clara Venture Labs aims to build companies through breakthrough innovations in industrial technology and materials enabling the net zero transition. With a mentality that “the 2020’s will be the most disruptive decade we have seen in our lifetimes”, Clara is eager to innovate to its full capacity in topics like:

  • Advanced materials

  • Biochemistry

  • Circular economy

  • Clean Energy Systems

  • New space

  • Resource Scarcity

Clara venture Labs story is inspired by the explorer Odd Dahl, one of the most remarkable men in Norwegian history. Dahl was a recognized inventor and scientist and a primary driving force behind the establishment of CERN (European organization for nuclear research), the construction of Norway’s first nuclear reactor, in addition to being involved in the founding of Andøya Space Center. Whilst producing these ventures, which would isolated be a feat for a lifetime, he also ventured to all corners of the world from the North pole to the Amazonas. 

Odd Dahl is often referred to as the «Askeladden» of Norwegian physics, due to his ability to develop genius solutions to technical problems, and he is a person of great inspiration for Enginoars own Simen who currently develop hydrogen systems for space exploration in Clara.

Alma Clean Power

Alma Clean Power was launched as a venture from Clara Venture Labs in 2021 in Bergen, Norway, with an ambition to establish a full-scale production of fuel cells to support decarbonization of ocean industries.


Alma Clean Power’s technology builds on more than 30 years of experience with research and development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) which are characterized by market leading efficiency and fuel flexibility. The technology can among others operate on fuels such as LNG, ammonia, methanol, ethanol, LPG, syngas, LOHC and hydrogen. The SOFC technology is particularly suitable for deep-sea shipping where high energy density and efficiency in a compact and reliable system is required. The company has a broad portfolio of demonstration projects and pilots within different segments and aims to be set for commercialization by 2025.


Alma Clean Power’s vision is to become a leading supplier of low and zero emission power systems for the ocean industries.



Franzefoss is one of Norway’s leading recycling companies with over 100 years of experience! They handle all types of waste: Industry, Business, Construction, Civil engineering and Offshore.  They take care of the entire process from collection, sorting, processing, recycling, waste disposal and residual products. Their goal is to transform as much of the waste as possible into raw materials for material or energy recovery in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

concept logo.png

Founded in 1975 Concept2 rowing machines are one of the best ways the Enginoars can prepare for the Atlantic row.  They are our best friends (and worst enemies) and will be crucial in building our bodies for this row.     

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Adventure sunglasses, committed to sustainability.  Sungod has been fantastic in providing the Enginoars with the highest professional standard sunglasses for training and crossing the Atlantic.  With 30 degree sun bombarding the team over the entire Atlantic crossing - sun protection is not something to forget.

JDF press template PDF.png

With a mission is to inspire the next generation of engineers, the James Dyson foundation pursues a goal similar to our own.  They have been crucial in helping us get one step closer to our Ocean rowing boat and to achieving our campaign mission. 


The Printers (established 30 years ago) has been crucial in helping us brand and market our campaign!

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Sea-cargo is a Bergen based shipping company operating the leading shipping line between the UK and the west coast of Norway. They're helping us with shipping the boat to Norway to give us the optimal training conditions leading up to the crossing.

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DFDS UK has been kind enough to handle the port services in the UK free of charge to maximise our final donation to our charities.


Helly Hansen is known around the world as the leading provider of clothing made for life on the ocean. They've helped us secure the clothing  we need to handle the roughest of conditions in the middle of the Atlantic.

Drytech is one of the worlds most renowned producers of outdoors-food. They've helped us secure all of our main-meals for the crossing keeping is fueled and ready to handle the challenges we'll face. 

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